Last Year of Film School

I have just completed my second year of Film School, at AFTRS in Sydney, and I have one more special year to go. 

I say special, because this year we get to specialise in the fields we’re most interested in, narrowing the generalist course down to be more specific. Which means, no more editing, or sound, or cinematography! And a lot more writing and directing studies, which I am eager to get a better grasp of.  
The past 2 years have been a whirlwind of studies, new friends, new jobs, and losing childhood friends as I slowly transition into dedicating my life up to the city and fade away from my home town an hour down south.
To be successful in this career, I feel a lot of pressure to give it my all and work every living second toward achieving goals and making connections that will secure me a spot post-graduation. 
I am the Network Queen, I go to all the events, I stay on top of all the new Australian and international shows, to sus out where I want to one day work, I fine-grain read the credits of every show so I am familiar with professionals and their work, and I make sure I meet them to congratulate them… (The Australia stuff, not so much International’s).
It is time consuming to do your research, and do assignments, and work on my personal projects, and have a social life, and I have seemingly naturally decided to sacrifice the latter for the former in this time of my life. I definitely don’t feel any less full, I have amazing friends who I stay in touch with and that know I am always around. I really respect everyone close to me, who has come to accept the new me and adapt with me, during this transition and stressful but exciting time in my life. 

With film, you’re not guaranteed a job at the end of your degree, not like my beautiful nursing friends, or cop friends, or social workers. It is not a straight cut pathway in life, which has really affected the way I approach the work. 
I mean it is safe to say, I have definitely been more actively pursuant of this career than I was while studying law. I do the work, I listen, I push myself, and I love it.

TO WRAP UP! I am very proud of where I am at the moment, I will write a separate post about SISTAS. My first web series, which I created for Youtube, all 6 episodes are in post-production right now and are causing me to profusely stress-sweat, so that’s fun. It will be funner once they’re all posted and we got worldwide acclaim and festival praise… or just Grandma has a giggle. 

Nonetheless, I feel very privileged to know who I know and what I know about this exciting industry, I can not wait to work with incredible people and I am proud of my work thus far.

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